Annie Brown
Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion

Paul has been a great consultant and partner to me for over ten years. He has been a tremendous support in designing and delivering sessions to develop teams I have led in the hospitality and the technology space. I am so thrilled to see him publish some of these principles he has developed to provide greater access to this knowledge. His in-person and virtual sessions are always met with positive outcomes, and his fun yet effective training style shines through these pages.

Tony Watson
Vice President, Business Improvement 

What a pleasant read! It is a delight to read a financial book that is so concise, so engaging, and yet so informative. Paul has a gift to draw in the reader with humor yet deliver key points so succinctly. I would recommend this book for colleges and universities but also believe it should be shared with the key team members throughout businesses of any size and type.

Matt Borg
Financial Controller

This book is a quick and easy read to help simplify the understanding of financial statements and will help teammates better communicate during planning and review of our company’s performance. I am confident this will help management teams understand how their actions impact the health of their business.

Dwight Ham
Business Department Chair

Paul has given the accounting and financial world a shakedown with this concise and pithy read that clarifies some of the most fundamental and critical concepts found in business. If you are an entrepreneur looking to keep track of the terms used in an enterprise and show your banker or accountant you know what they are saying, this book will help you with your business intelligence. And too, for you financial and accounting buffs, you will find that the ease with which Paul explains some the most familiar concepts will provide you with the tools of the trade that will allow you to be more articulate with your associates, bosses, and clients. This is a book that will be a friendly reference for years to come.

David Tessier
Company President 

Author Paul Butler has written a practical and engaging guide that breaks down and demystifies finance and accounting. A great read for anyone trying to improve their financial intelligence, and a must-read for managers who want to learn how they can make a difference in their business.

Natalie Bazarevitsch
Senior Vice President

Reading this book is like having a conversation with Paul Butler. It’s not your typical professorial textbook filled with complicated terms and foreign concepts that become exponentially more difficult as you read on. Rather, it’s an appropriate blend of practical lessons, accounting vernacular, finance principles, an ever-present sense of humor, personal stories, and real-life examples, that demystify—and simplify—the components necessary to ensuring an organization’s success. The intricacies of the book, and their accompanying terms, become straightforward through relatable examples, breaking down what is seemingly complex into manageable, bite-sized takeaways. I met Paul over a decade ago, and his Business Financial Intelligence lessons are etched in my mind. He has facilitated our executive retreats, led multiple BFI sessions for groups of our sales professionals, and traveled to share these easy-to-follow principles with hundreds of our leaders and employees from across the U.S. and Canada.

Jesse Weldon
Healthcare Manager 

I wish someone had taught me these principles before I was promoted into a leadership role. Kudos to Paul Butler for providing a solution to a problem that many leaders and organizations do not even realize they have—a lack of business financial intelligence. This book provides a simple yet sufficient overview of key financial principles and does a great job of explaining why all aspiring leaders (not just finance people) should know these things. I am now more confident and better equipped to understand and impact my organization!

Stephanie Hancock
Human Resources Manager

I took finance for non-managers in college, but I have never felt confident having the numbers talk. Now I do. This book has equipped me to have more effective discussions with win-win outcomes. Numbers are crucial, and the bottom line is where most of our great ideas in human resources can die because we don’t fully understand the financial ramifications. I am going to use this as my personal cheat sheet moving forward!

Lauren Sowa
Sales Associate

This is not your average financial guide. Paul’s witty humor, influential encouragement, and business financial intelligence expertise make financial statement misunderstandings less daunting to me as an employee. I highly recommend this book as a must-read, especially for those who wish to strengthen their ‘intrapreneurial spirit.’ This book can guide you to become an invaluable asset to your employer.

George M. Sims, Ph.D.
Department Chair, Undergraduate and Graduate Business Studies

Truly understanding financial literacy is the key to creative managerial leadership or, simply stated, to business success. Paul has captured this critical literacy without employing too many words. He has uniquely reduced financial understanding into digestible bites (e.g., ‘MVP,’ ‘The 3 Rs,’ ‘The 7 Components of Financial Intelligence’), allowing greater retention of concepts and clarity of application—something rarely achieved by other authors of this critical science.


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