Natalie Bazarevitsch

Reading this book is like having a conversation with Paul Butler. It’s not your typical professorial textbook filled with complicated terms and foreign concepts that become exponentially more difficult as you read on. Rather, it’s an appropriate blend of practical lessons, accounting vernacular, finance principles, an ever-present sense of humor, personal stories, and real-life examples, that demystify—and simplify—the components necessary to ensuring an organization’s success. The intricacies of the book, and their accompanying terms, become straightforward through relatable examples, breaking down what is seemingly complex into manageable, bite-sized takeaways. I met Paul over a decade ago, and his Business Financial Intelligence lessons are etched in my mind. He has facilitated our executive retreats, led multiple BFI sessions for groups of our sales professionals, and traveled to share these easy-to-follow principles with hundreds of our leaders and employees from across the U.S. and Canada.